Made a game with good reviews, millions of views on Youtube, no sales. Just a small rant.

Hi. Just wanted to let off some steam here.

tl;dr We released a game on Steam. People that play it seem to like it, but no one is buying it. Big name Youtubers have made videos of the game and people like the concept, but we are getting next to no sales. Steam has way too much shit.

May 22nd was a cool day. My small indie team released our first full game on Steam. Grab the Bottle, you can find it here to see what it’s about: Steam

We had been working on it for a year. Lots of hard work was put into it, the game was few months in early access and we got tons of good feedback along the way. We knew, that the game was kinda niche and selling it to people might be difficult. People however seemed to like the idea and what little Steam reviews we got were almost all very positive. We sent review copies and press releases to all the possible media, expecting that some would notice us. The game had a very unique, dare I say never-done-before concept. Couple of sites, mostly smaller, noticed us and liked the game.

We also got the attention of some big names on YouTube. Lots of videos were made. But what did we got out of all these millions of views and positive words of people? Well, pretty much nothing: Now,3 months after the release the game has sold less than 500 copies on Steam.

I don’t want to sound too bitter, but I am. There’s fucktons of bad asset flips and games with no effort put into them at all on Steam. And somewhere under this pile there is also lots of good games. I don’t really blame media for not covering Grab the Bottle. They must be getting hundreds of mails just like ours every day. I just don’t know what we could have done differently. Maybe just made a different kind of game, something catering to the masses?

Instead we made the game we wanted to make. Something completely different. And no one seems to care.

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